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Kudelski Security Cyber Summit - Genf

Requirements for enterprise cybersecurity are rapidly transforming. Can your security strategy meet modern threats and provide comprehensive visibility? Discover how you can get that visibility over your various networks and endpoints, why incidents occur, and how to contain them during our next Cyber Summit.

Compass Security: Internal Network and System Security

Die Teilnehmenden kennen die meistverbreiteten Sicherheitslücken in einem typischen Unternehmensnetzwerk und lernen die wichtigsten Grundkonzepte der IT-Sicherheit, Angriffs-Werkzeuge und Methoden kennen.

Swiss Cyber Security Days 2020

With digitization and Industry 4.0, we are on the verge of, or already in, a new era of major social change. The two-day event is a forum with experienced national and international speakers, and an innovative exhibition area with great interactive potential reflecting Swiss technical expertise and innovative...

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