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Information for Speakers at an ISSS event


Extend your audience - Speak to the world!
Our goal is to spread knowledge and experience among security professionals. With your permission, ISSS will publish your slides and a video (if any was recorded) at no cost to you on our website and in our Youtube-Channel ISSSview. Please sign our publication permission form and send it to us before the event. Either by postal mail to Information Security Society Switzerland (ISSS), Wasserwerkgasse 37, 3000 Bern 13, Schweiz or as scanned file to sekretariat(at)isss.ch.

Present with style - Use our template!
We ask you to use our pesentation template for PowerPoint for your presentation. Custom templates might be used upon agreement with the event organizer.

Submit your presentation slides to us in time!
Please submitt your presentation slides no later than two weeks before a conference or one week before a security talk as PDF or PowerPoint file by email to our administration office (sekretariat(at)isss.ch).  If the file of your presentation is larger than 10 MB, we kindly ask you to provide a link where we can download the presentation instead of sending it as an attachment.

How to become a speaker

To become a speaker at an ISSS event, you have to meet (1) our requirements regarding speakers and (2) our requirements regarding the content of a talk. If you already have a concrete idea for a talk, you can submit it through the talk request form on this page.

Speaker requirements:

  • Be an expert in the fields touched in the presentation. A speaker for a talk e.g., on the user's perspective on authentication, is expected to have  been exposed to multiple authentication systems for several years.
  • Have poise, a lively presentation style and enjoy giving talks.

Talk content requirements:

  • Strongly related to the field of information security
  • Top quality and up-to-date content
  • Must be product/manufacturer/service provider/supplier neutral
  • Must not be a promotion or sales talk
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