Information Security Society Switzerland (ISSS)

ISSS Excellence Award Attribution 2013

The Information Security Society Switzerland (ISSS) is proud to announce the ISSS Excellence Award as a platform for recognizing outstanding bachelor, master and doctoral theses, completed at a technical university or institute of the ETH Board, in the field of ICT security.

Our association is not only a wonderful platform to share knowledge among security professionals but we are also dedicated to promote such knowledge among young academics and to motivate young researchers and students to invest their talent and dedication in innovative contributions to information and Internet security.

Let me say thank you to the nomination committee, composed by:

  • Prof. Hannes Lubich from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW),
  • Prof. Dr. Srdjan [Srtschan] Capkun, from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich and
  • Prof. Dr. Serge Vaudenay, from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne

The Information Security Society Switzerland (ISSS) is proud to announce the ISSS Excellence Award Winners:

Peter Gazi of ETHZ with the PhD thesis entitled "Information-Theoretic Analyses of Symmetric-Cryptography Constructions in Idealized Models"

Peter Gazi’s PhD thesis:
Cryptography provides the necessary toolbox to build security architecture. As this area is becoming more and more mature, there are several techniques used to model and prove security. Needless to say that proofs are an important asset to cryptographic constructions. The Gazi thesis adds a stone in the theory of cryptographic proofs, and more specifically to the area of symmetric cryptographic constructions. The committee was impressed by the quality of the dissertation and the strength of the reference letters, written by two of the most renowned researchers in the field.

Dario Schwab and Alex Joss with the Bachelor thesis entitled "Android Memory Forensik – Automatisierte Memory-Analyse von Android Apps (automated memory Analysis of Android Apps)" from Bern University of Applied Sciences.

The Bachelor thesis of Dario Schwab and Alex Joss:
As the use of privately-owned devices in potentially sensitive company environments (BYOD) proliferates, and even private users are entrusting more and more personal information to their handheld devices, the Joss / Schwab thesis on Android Memory Forensics addresses a very actual topic, also given the growing use of Android in the market. Memory forensics approaches have been developed and documented already in the past, but the authors are able to tie their findings to practical advice for software developers, and indicate follow-up work, that hopefully will be addressed in future applied research work. Therefore, the paper is of actual use for the ISSS community and has been selected for the ISSS Excellence Award.


We decided to split the award and the price sum of 10.000 CHF between 2 respectively 3 authors.